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Every year I make “new years resolutions” and every year I break those resolutions, right away. Well not this year. This year is my year, it’s a new year and it’s time for a new me!

Over the last year I became horrible with my eating habits and I ended up gaining 25-30lbs and I’m small, so it was very noticeable. At first it didn’t bother me, it’s didn’t bother me that none of my clothes fit. It didn’t bother me that I started getting a pudgy little belly. What did bother me was the fact that I had no energy and that I seemed to always be tired and so I knew changes had to be made.

I’ve decided to start a 30 day challenge (with myself) of healthier eating and working out. I started by trying to get ideas on Pinterest, that was a fail. All of the 30 day healthy eating challenges were not fit for me. I’m sorry but I can’t live on veggies and chicken alone, I need more. So I decided for 30 days I was going to change my eating habits and eat what works for me and my body. I cut out pretty much all sugar and processed foods, except for bread but I did cut back. I started eating breakfast regularly and I replaced my nighttime bowl of cereal with fruit instead.

I also drink more tea and less coffee, I already don’t drink soda or juice. Baby steps. But so far, so good! As for the working out. I’ve decided against a gym membership. Instead I bought some little weights and a jump rope from Target. I also have a workout routine that I configured that works for me. It takes me only 20 minutes every morning to do my workout and I’m already starting to notice some changes and today is only day 5. What a difference a couple of days can make when you really put in the effort.

Within the next week or two I want to add Zumba to my morning routine as well. But for now I’m just getting use to the routine I have and don’t want to mess with it yet.I have all of the cd’s so it will be easy to start those when I’m ready.

We as a family have also been getting more active which helps, hiking, bike riding and walking. Every little bit helps!

I will not fail. I will not give up. I am doing this for ME!


What was your New Years Resolution?

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