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    A New Year and A New Me

    Every year I make “new years resolutions” and every year I break those resolutions, right away. Well not this year. This year is my year, it’s a new year and it’s time for a new me! Over the last year I became horrible with my eating habits and I ended up gaining 25-30lbs and I’m […]

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    The Extremely Thin Membrane Helps the Blind Regain Sight
    The Extremely Thin Membrane Helps the Blind Regain Sight

    Australian scientists develop cell culture technology of the cornea on a transparent hydrogen membrane, which can be used for transplantation of eyes and restoration of vision for the blind. Science Alert on 16, August reported that the new method was successfully tested on sheep and it had enormous potential in the field of corneal transplantation. […]

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    back to school
    Back to School Shopping

    Back to school shopping is always a huge deal for me, it’s something as a mother I look forward to and this year back to school shopping was a little different for us not only did we have our sons yearly back to school shopping but we also had our daughter to do back to […]

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    Back to school – Shopping, lunch menus, photo ideas and more

    The 1st day of school will be here soon! At the end of ever summer comes the back to school shopping, before school starts and every year I love taking my son shopping, I love watching him pick out the items he wants, watching how much his taste has changed. Yes, I do let him […]

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    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 12

    Found this little note. He must think they haven’t been very good lately! Don’t forget to use the Naughty and Nice official warnings found HERE. I’m sure Fredrick will be using them soon!

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    Elf Ideas

    We wake up every morning excited to see where our Elf Fredrick is or what he’s doing. We love watching his many fun adventures. Here are a few easy elf ideas. Click HERE to see all of Freddy’s adventures. making his own stocking Christmas decorating toilet papering the tree wants to make pancakes tea party […]

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    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 13

    Day 13 The kids woke up to find Freddy with these warnings from the north pole. My son was so upset. Both kids are now trying to be sure to get a NICE note before Christmas. Don’t forget to use the Naughty and Nice official warnings found HERE.

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    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 15

    Day 15 Found Freddy hanging out in our tree with a Christmas book open to a page that read : “So once a year at Christmas to all the GOOD girls and boys, Santa comes in the middle of the night and brings them lots of toys” I am pretty sure Fredrick was just reminding […]

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    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 16

    Day 16 Learning how to bake? Maybe or taking cooking lessons. Either way they look adorable together, my son thought it was hilarious that the Gingerbread man was holding Freddy.

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    1st day of school 2014

    Well this last week has been quite a week for us and we celebrated a very big day. Both of the kids started school, full-time. We now officially have a Fifth grader and a Kindergartener. They are both so excited to be at school and this will be the only year they’re together at the […]

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    complete tutorial hair bow
    Hair Bow Tutorial – Over The Top Hair Bow

    Easy DIY hair bow tutorial Top 11 Best juicers on the market 2016 Best Lawn Mower in 2017 There are many ways to make hair bows, here’s an easy to follow hair bow tutorial. It can be used to make an OTT (over the top) hair bow or you can make just the basic bow […]