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    A New Year and A New Me

    Every year I make “new years resolutions” and every year I break those resolutions, right away. Well not this year. This year is my year, it’s a new year and it’s time for a new me! Over the last year I became horrible with my eating habits and I ended up gaining 25-30lbs and I’m […]

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    Paper Plate Pumpkins halloween craft
    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween from all of us at It’s A Mommy’s World. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe evening. Here are a few of our pumpkin photos. Did you carve pumpkins this year?

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    back to school
    Back to School Shopping

    Back to school shopping is always a huge deal for me, it’s something as a mother I look forward to and this year back to school shopping was a little different for us not only did we have our sons yearly back to school shopping but we also had our daughter to do back to […]

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    baked lemon chicken recipes
    Baked Lemon Chicken

    This simple and delicious Baked Lemon Chicken is something I always try to make on Sundays and keep on hand to use in salads, pastas and my kids’ lunches for school throughout the week. INGREDIENTS: 1 package of skinless boneless chicken 2 lemons, use the zest and juice 3/4 c. evoo (extra virgin olive oil) […]

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    back to school supply list
    Back to School – Supply Shopping

    It’s that time of year again. I feel like we just did this, last year went be extremely fast and this year will only go by faster! This year both of my kids are in school which means we had to do back to school shopping for two kids which is crazier and obviously more […]

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    making halloween pumpkin at home
    Halloween Crafts for Kids

    In my home we love to do craft projects, I’ve set up a whole section of my living room for the kids, with tables and tons and tons of craft supplies, everything is available for my kids to use at anytime. I like when they’re crafty or just want to draw. My husband and I […]

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    letter canvas
    DIY – Letter Canvas

    This is a pretty simple and cute project. All I needeed was a small canvas, wooden letter, fabric and a staple gun. I think it turned out great and I already had everything so this project was FREE.

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    Chores – Chore Charts For Kids and Adults

    When is a good age to start kids on chores? Actually from the time that kids are little we tell them “pick up your toys, throw this away, wipe up your mess” these are all chores something the kids have to do themselves that helps up as parents. Well yesterday being November 1st I decided […]

  • Family Favorite Recipes
    Caramelized Coconut Acorn Squash

    The BEST Caramelized Coconut Acorn Squash When it comes to any type of veggies I like to try different methods of cooking and flavoring. And recently I’ve been using coconut oil in as much of my cooking as possible and this has to be one of my favorite ways of cooking acorn squash so far. […]

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    happy parents day
    National Parents Day- What You Can Do For Your Parents?

    Yes, did you know Parents get a Holiday besides Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? I didn’t either. Today is National Parents Day! In the United States, Parents’ Day is held on the fourth Sunday of every July. This was established in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution into law (36 U.S.C. § […]

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    bacon wrapped stuffed
    Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos – Family Favorite

    Stuffed jalapenos are one of our favorite little treats, they are so easy to make and very delicious. Even my kids love these. They’re great for parties or just an afternoon snack. Ingredients: 9 – 12 fresh jalapenos 1 8oz package of cream cheese, softened 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 3-4 green onions, diced 1 […]

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    Back to school – Shopping, lunch menus, photo ideas and more

    The 1st day of school will be here soon! At the end of ever summer comes the back to school shopping, before school starts and every year I love taking my son shopping, I love watching him pick out the items he wants, watching how much his taste has changed. Yes, I do let him […]

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    cinnamon apple crisp
    Cinnamon Apple Crisp

    With Fall FINALLY here I have been doing lots more baking and I recently made this easy, sweet Cinnamon Apple Crisp, I could have very easily eaten the whole thing if my husband hadn’t beat me to it. Ingredients: 2 large apples, peeled, cored and cut into wedges 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup old […]

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    A Mummy Halloween Party with Our Ordinary Life

    With Halloween right around the corner I’ve been searching blogs and pinterest for fun Halloween food and then today my friend Kristin from Our Ordinary Life posted on her blog the most amazing, fun and creative Halloween Party foods and I just had to share. I adore all of Kristin’s ideas. Everything you need for […]

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    Fruit Smoothie – Healthy Living

    In our home we have always tried to eat well. No fast food, no junk food, cut back on any unnecessary processed sugar and we’ve done pretty well. Then I decided to take it even further and over the last few weeks have started eating gluten free as much as possible, buying organic as often […]

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    German Pancake

    A German Pancake! Have you ever had one? If not you’re missing out!!! I had never had a German Pancake until I met my husband, it was one of his favorite childhood foods his mom made it all of the time and it’s now one of my favorite breakfast foods too. It’s kinda like a […]

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    turkey head bands
    Kids Craft – Holiday Headbands

    I’ve been very busy and I completely forgot to post some of the crafts I had done with the kids for Thanksgiving. Here is one that can also be done for Christmas. Just use red or black paper for a headband, white paper for the face and black paper for a top-hat and you’ve got […]

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    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 12

    Found this little note. He must think they haven’t been very good lately! Don’t forget to use the Naughty and Nice official warnings found HERE. I’m sure Fredrick will be using them soon!

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    Elf Ideas

    We wake up every morning excited to see where our Elf Fredrick is or what he’s doing. We love watching his many fun adventures. Here are a few easy elf ideas. Click HERE to see all of Freddy’s adventures. making his own stocking Christmas decorating toilet papering the tree wants to make pancakes tea party […]