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    Paper Plate Pumpkins halloween craft
    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween from all of us at It’s A Mommy’s World. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe evening. Here are a few of our pumpkin photos. Did you carve pumpkins this year?

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    Technology Helps People Step onto the Plane without a Ladder
    Technology Helps People Step onto the Plane without a Ladder

    Brazilian researchers successfully developed a technique that uses sound waves to lift a small ball, opening the chance to make magical things in the fiction comes true. Technique using sound waves to lift objects often appear in science fiction films such as Star Trek. In fact, the scientists have developed this technology in recent years, […]

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    diy frames
    DIY – Simple Changes

    Around here I love DIY projects, especially easy and cheap ones Girly frames I already had. Spray paint I found in my husbands paint cabinet. This project was done without spending a penny and the frames look completely different.

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    making halloween pumpkin at home
    Halloween Crafts for Kids

    In my home we love to do craft projects, I’ve set up a whole section of my living room for the kids, with tables and tons and tons of craft supplies, everything is available for my kids to use at anytime. I like when they’re crafty or just want to draw. My husband and I […]

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    letter canvas
    DIY – Letter Canvas

    This is a pretty simple and cute project. All I needeed was a small canvas, wooden letter, fabric and a staple gun. I think it turned out great and I already had everything so this project was FREE.

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    Chores – Chore Charts For Kids and Adults

    When is a good age to start kids on chores? Actually from the time that kids are little we tell them “pick up your toys, throw this away, wipe up your mess” these are all chores something the kids have to do themselves that helps up as parents. Well yesterday being November 1st I decided […]

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    How to make satin fabric flowers

    Have you every made your own fabric flowers? They’re easy to make and there are many different kinds to make. Here is a simple and very pretty satin flower tutorial: 1) First you need circles 3-6 of them all slightly different in size you can use the bottoms of cups, or whatever you have that […]

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    A Mummy Halloween Party with Our Ordinary Life

    With Halloween right around the corner I’ve been searching blogs and pinterest for fun Halloween food and then today my friend Kristin from Our Ordinary Life posted on her blog the most amazing, fun and creative Halloween Party foods and I just had to share. I adore all of Kristin’s ideas. Everything you need for […]

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    turkey head bands
    Kids Craft – Holiday Headbands

    I’ve been very busy and I completely forgot to post some of the crafts I had done with the kids for Thanksgiving. Here is one that can also be done for Christmas. Just use red or black paper for a headband, white paper for the face and black paper for a top-hat and you’ve got […]

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    Naughty or Nice – Official Notices

    Christmas is almost here, this year we’re doing The Elf On The Shelf. How cute are these notices? Please feel free to print them out and use them and or share them. I was searching google this morning for official notices like these and all of the ones I was coming across had logos/URL’s on […]

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    Copycat Mcdonald’s Shamrock Shake
    St. Patty’s Day Fun

    Around here we love holidays and I always try to plan something special and fun for the kids. Here are a few craft ideas I’ve found. How awesome are these? I love the rainbow idea. I think we’ll try the pancakes for breakfast. Original post found here: http://www.alittletipsy.com/2013/02/90-st-patricks-day-ideas.html Love the shamrock wreath. You can buy […]

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    birdseed ornaments recipes
    Birdseed Ornaments – Handmade Gifts

    I know I am behind on the things I wanted to post during December, I will eventually get everything posted! For Christmas this year we decided to make some of our gifts, handmade gifts seem to always be more appreciated maybe because it’s more thoughtful and who doesn’t love a gift made by a child, […]

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    Beaded Candycane
    Holiday Crafts

    A few days ago a friend of mine posted these simple crafts that she put together for her children’s school. We plan on doing them this weekend. Paper Plate Snowman You will need: paper plates 2 different colors of construction paper for the hat orange construction paper for the carrot nose black construction paper for […]

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    complete tutorial hair bow
    Hair Bow Tutorial – Over The Top Hair Bow

    Easy DIY hair bow tutorial Top 11 Best juicers on the market 2016 Best Lawn Mower in 2017 There are many ways to make hair bows, here’s an easy to follow hair bow tutorial. It can be used to make an OTT (over the top) hair bow or you can make just the basic bow […]