• Family Favorite Recipes
    sweet pea salad recipes
    Sweet Pea Salad

    INGREDIENTS: 2 c. frozen petite peas, defrosted 1 c. sharp cheddar cheese, cut into small cubes 1/4c. red onions, small diced 3 tbs mayo 2 tsp pickle juice pinch of paprika salt and pepper to taste DIRECTIONS: In a small bowl mix mayo, pickle juice, paprika, salt and pepper, in another bowl mix cheese, peas […]

  • DIY Projects
    How to make satin fabric flowers

    Have you every made your own fabric flowers? They’re easy to make and there are many different kinds to make. Here is a simple and very pretty satin flower tutorial: 1) First you need circles 3-6 of them all slightly different in size you can use the bottoms of cups, or whatever you have that […]

  • Family Favorite Recipes
    bacon wrapped stuffed
    Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos – Family Favorite

    Stuffed jalapenos are one of our favorite little treats, they are so easy to make and very delicious. Even my kids love these. They’re great for parties or just an afternoon snack. Ingredients: 9 – 12 fresh jalapenos 1 8oz package of cream cheese, softened 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 3-4 green onions, diced 1 […]

  • Mommys World
    Wisdom Tooth – Dry Socket

    So for the last few weeks I’ve been missing, we’ve had so much going on, family came to visit, soccer, work and I also got a surprise visit from a wisdom tooth. (This is not the type of stuff I wanted to post on this blog, but I think it needs to be shared for […]

  • Kids
    Back to school – Shopping, lunch menus, photo ideas and more

    The 1st day of school will be here soon! At the end of ever summer comes the back to school shopping, before school starts and every year I love taking my son shopping, I love watching him pick out the items he wants, watching how much his taste has changed. Yes, I do let him […]

  • Desserts
    cinnamon apple crisp
    Cinnamon Apple Crisp

    With Fall FINALLY here I have been doing lots more baking and I recently made this easy, sweet Cinnamon Apple Crisp, I could have very easily eaten the whole thing if my husband hadn’t beat me to it. Ingredients: 2 large apples, peeled, cored and cut into wedges 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup old […]

  • Birthdays
    A Mummy Halloween Party with Our Ordinary Life

    With Halloween right around the corner I’ve been searching blogs and pinterest for fun Halloween food and then today my friend Kristin from Our Ordinary Life posted on her blog the most amazing, fun and creative Halloween Party foods and I just had to share. I adore all of Kristin’s ideas. Everything you need for […]

  • Birthdays
    Fruit Smoothie – Healthy Living

    In our home we have always tried to eat well. No fast food, no junk food, cut back on any unnecessary processed sugar and we’ve done pretty well. Then I decided to take it even further and over the last few weeks have started eating gluten free as much as possible, buying organic as often […]

  • Birthdays
    German Pancake

    A German Pancake! Have you ever had one? If not you’re missing out!!! I had never had a German Pancake until I met my husband, it was one of his favorite childhood foods his mom made it all of the time and it’s now one of my favorite breakfast foods too. It’s kinda like a […]

  • Birthdays
    turkey head bands
    Kids Craft – Holiday Headbands

    I’ve been very busy and I completely forgot to post some of the crafts I had done with the kids for Thanksgiving. Here is one that can also be done for Christmas. Just use red or black paper for a headband, white paper for the face and black paper for a top-hat and you’ve got […]

  • Holidays
    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 12

    Found this little note. He must think they haven’t been very good lately! Don’t forget to use the Naughty and Nice official warnings found HERE. I’m sure Fredrick will be using them soon!

  • Holidays
    Elf Ideas

    We wake up every morning excited to see where our Elf Fredrick is or what he’s doing. We love watching his many fun adventures. Here are a few easy elf ideas. Click HERE to see all of Freddy’s adventures. making his own stocking Christmas decorating toilet papering the tree wants to make pancakes tea party […]

  • DIY Projects
    Naughty or Nice – Official Notices

    Christmas is almost here, this year we’re doing The Elf On The Shelf. How cute are these notices? Please feel free to print them out and use them and or share them. I was searching google this morning for official notices like these and all of the ones I was coming across had logos/URL’s on […]

  • Holidays
    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 13

    Day 13 The kids woke up to find Freddy with these warnings from the north pole. My son was so upset. Both kids are now trying to be sure to get a NICE note before Christmas. Don’t forget to use the Naughty and Nice official warnings found HERE.

  • Holidays
    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 15

    Day 15 Found Freddy hanging out in our tree with a Christmas book open to a page that read : “So once a year at Christmas to all the GOOD girls and boys, Santa comes in the middle of the night and brings them lots of toys” I am pretty sure Fredrick was just reminding […]

  • Holidays
    The Elf On The Shelf – Day 16

    Day 16 Learning how to bake? Maybe or taking cooking lessons. Either way they look adorable together, my son thought it was hilarious that the Gingerbread man was holding Freddy.

  • Kids
    1st day of school 2014

    Well this last week has been quite a week for us and we celebrated a very big day. Both of the kids started school, full-time. We now officially have a Fifth grader and a Kindergartener. They are both so excited to be at school and this will be the only year they’re together at the […]