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Well this last week has been quite a week for us and we celebrated a very big day. Both of the kids started school, full-time. We now officially have a Fifth grader and a Kindergartener. They are both so excited to be at school and this will be the only year they’re together at the same school.


They were both so thrilled that morning and they couldn’t wait to see friends, and get to their classes. Our son had many kids in his class that he had known from previous years and our Kindergartener had four of her baseball friends in her class.

It was the first year my son didn’t want to give me a hug or kiss before meeting up with his class. It was a little heartbreaking, but I lived.

And our baby, our Kindergartener, acted like a pro. You never would have guessed it was the first day of school. She found her teacher, hugged and kissed us goodbye, and walked with her class to their room.


I can’t believe both of our kids are in school full-time now and I am at home childless during the day.
It’s been a very productive week for me, I’ve been able to get so much done and the house has been spotless all week, it’s been quite nice.

The kids had a great week at school and my Kindergartener was elated over the fact that she finally had home-work and my son was over-joyed at the fact that this week he did not have home-work. Go figure!

The only down-side to it being the first week is how tired and grumpy the kids are after school, hopefully by next week they will have adjusted to this new routine

Have your kid(s) started school yet? What grades are they in?

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