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Easy DIY hair bow tutorial

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hair bow tutorial

There are many ways to make hair bows, here’s an easy to follow hair bow tutorial.

It can be used to make an OTT (over the top) hair bow or you can make just the basic bow and embellish that.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.

how to make a hair bow

1) First you will need to gather all of your supplies.

  • grosgrain ribbon of your choice (I used one 1 1/2″, seven 7/8″ and one 3/8″)
  • measuring Tape
  • needle and thread, any color will be fine
  • sharp scissors
  • lighter
  • hot glue gun and an extra glue stick
  • french barrette
  • fabric stiffening spray or starch
  • embellishments of your choice

hair bow diy

2) How to make a bow. Take your 1 1/2″ ribbon. and follow the steps above to make your first bow.

  1. Cut your ribbon at 24″ then use the lighter to seal the edges just enough so they don’t fray, careful you don’t want to burn your bow.
  2. Fold your ribbon into a figure 8. (the clip is just holding the ribbon in place to show you)
  3. Now fold each outer part of the ribbon into the center. (the clip is just holding the ribbon in place to show you)
  4. Turn the bow over and use your needle and thread and sew right in the center then wrap the thread around the bow a few times and tie the thread into a knot.

Your bow should look like the bow on the left when you’re done.

top hair bow tutorial

3) Now for your middle bow use 20″ of 7/8″ ribbon and follow the same steps as above.

DIY hair bow

4) Again for the third and top bow follow the same steps above using two pieces of 7/8″ ribbon layered and cut at 16″.

make a hair bow at home

5) Now for the spikes. Follow the steps above.

  • Cut your ribbon at 5 1/2″ pieces, I cut 8 but you can do 7 if you’d like.
  • I layered two of my ribbons.
  • With the ribbon make an X above the first ribbon(s).
  • Make another X with your ribbon above the previous layer.
  • Using the last two ribbon and make another X. Each layer of X’s should be slightly narrower than the last.

When you have all the ribbon even and fanned out then use your needle and thread and sew the center of the spiked layer, it should now look like the top picture of this collage.

tutorial hair bow

6) Stiffen your Ribbon. Now that all of your layers are complete, use your stiffening spray or starch and over a piece of foil or plastic bag spray the top and bottom of all of your layers, then shape them the way you want and then leave them out to dry. Yes you will have to probably wait at least an hour or longer but trust me you wont want to skip this step and this step cannot be done later.

Stiffen your Ribbon

7) Spike your ribbon. Now that your ribbon is dry use a sharp pair of scissors and cut very wide V’s on the ends of all of your ribbon. Some may end up longer than other, this really wont be noticeable once the bow is done but you can go ahead and trim those a little more if you’d like. Once you have them all cut, very carefully run your lighter across all of the edges that you just cut. This will seal all of the ribbon so they wont fray.

Spike your ribbon

8)Now to assemble your bow. Follow the steps from above. You’ll be building your bow from the bottom up.

  • Start with your largest bow, this will be the bottom bow.
  • Now add your spiked layer of ribbon. Make sure it lines up evenly in the center and on the sides with the bow underneath it.
  • I added an curly ostrich puff, these are beautiful, fluffy curly feather puffs. If using one of these be sure to hold it down on top of the glue until it’s dry or else it will pop up and move before it dries.
  • Now add your middle bow again making sure it lines up with the layers below it.
  • Now add your top bow making sure that too lines up with the layers below it.
  • Your bow should look like this. Does it?

making top hair bow

9) Finish your bow

  • Take your 3/8″ ribbon and your hair bow center. I used this beautiful rhinestone center. The size of this ribbon will depend on if you use the feather puff layer or not, just wrap your ribbon around your bow and then cut, you want it to fit pretty snug.
  • Since my rhinestone button had a shank/hook on the back I went ahead and left it but you can use wire cutters and easily cut it off. I put my ribbon through the little hole on my button.
  • Now wrap the ribbon on the bow and glue on to the bottom of the bow.

Finish your bow

The bottom of your bow should look like this.

a completed bow

10) Now line your clip with ribbon.

  • Take the clip you will use and a piece of 3/8″ ribbon, the length of the ribbon will depend on the size of clip you use.
  • Pop out that little U shaped piece of metal from the center of the clip.
  • Starting on the inside center of the clip glue one end of your ribbon to the clip.
  • Tuck your ribbon under the prong of the clip, glue ribbon to the clip all the way around and then tuck under the other prong/latch and glue the end of your ribbon to the inside of your clip on top of your other ribbon.
  • Put the U shaped metal piece back in your clip.

attach a clip to the bow

11)Now attach your clip to the bottom of your bow.

I used a ribbon lined french barrette since this bow is big this kind of clip will hold the best.

french barrette

12)Embellish your bow.

I used these pretty mini sequin bows. You can also use rhinestones and flat back pearls or whatever you would like.

All of my embellishments came from Sunshine Shoppe. I’ve been shopping with them for a few years now and they always have the most beautiful supplies and are always adding new products to their website.

They also have a facebook page click HERE


the finished bow

The finished bow, it turned out amazing!!! What do you think?

complete tutorial hair bow

I hope this tutorial helped you.

If you have any questions just ask, I am happy to help.

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