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When is a good age to start kids on chores? Actually from the time that kids are little we tell them “pick up your toys, throw this away, wipe up your mess” these are all chores something the kids have to do themselves that helps up as parents.

Well yesterday being November 1st I decided it’s time to start cleaning and getting organized and STAYING organized and so I started chore charts not only for the kids but my self too, to keep us on a schedule to remind us of daily things that we need to do.

Here are a few good charts I found online to help with this quest.



I printed one of each of these for the kids and put them in clear pockets/folders so I can use a dry-erase marker or stickers and not have to reprint it every week.

On the kids’ charts I wrote:

make beds, clean room, dust, vacuum, take out trash, homework, unload the dishwasher, set dinner table, clean play room, water plants, take recycling out, sweep floors, put away laundry.

For me I used this chart:

Chore chart for aldult


For daily I put stuff like – straighten up all rooms, dishes, prep meals, wipe down bathrooms, etc…. For each day of the week I put in a different room of the house (ex: bedroom – dust, vacuum, change sheets, put away clothes, clean base boards, get any cob webs, clean windows/mirrors.).

Yes as an adult and parent I know the things that need to be done around my house but it’s nice when you have a list you have to stick to, it seems you actually get stuff done and remember to do things that day that you may have otherwise forgotten to do.

My goal with these charts is to not only teach my kids responsibility but to also keep my house clean at all times and not just one day a week.

My kids actually got excited about having a chore chart and they turned it into a game to see who could get done with all of their chores first. My house is spotless and it even motivated my husband to get things done. He helped clean (he is a more organized person than me to begin with) and he also fixed a bunch of stuff that needed to get done. I am really excited to follow these chore charts and hopefully keep my house clean all the times.

Do you have a list of certain chores that you have to remember daily, or are you the type that just cleans as you see it needed?

Do you have any daily tips on cleaning that may help?

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