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Back to school shopping is always a huge deal for me, it’s something as a mother I look forward to and this year back to school shopping was a little different for us not only did we have our sons yearly back to school shopping but we also had our daughter to do back to school shopping for. It was quite fun looking at all of the girly stuff for a change and I am so happy we were able to do all of our back to school shopping in California. (there are not many good stores here) I decided to let my kids pick out a majority of their back to school items themselves.

We started by picking out backpacks and lunch pails, I pack the kids’ lunches everyday so I know what they are eating that way I know that they’re eating healthy and nutritious meals every day. They each also got new water bottles, we live in the desert, so these are mandatory.

back to school hello kitty

She chose Hello Kitty.

back to school shoping

Our son also needed a few school supplies that his teacher had requested.

back to school clothes

I noticed the items she was picking all were pink, had glitter or rhinestones…It’s cute to see her choose all these items and funny considering right after school started she decided her favorite color is purple.

back to school

He was not at all picky about what he picked. His color this year was lime green. Again this year I bought black socks since the white ones get stained too easily, I am also a fan of buying name brand shoes. Our son is very active and the name brand shoes hold up way better and longer than the generic.

buy shoes for school

Our back to school shopping list:

  • backpacks (I buy new every year, it’s our Back-to-School tradition)
  • lunch pails (I buy new every year, it’s our Back-to-School tradition)
  • Reusable water bottles (we try to live green so I like the idea of reusing water bottles, less plastic is good)
  • school supplies (get a list from the teacher so you don’t over buy or buy items not needed)
  • shoes (close toed)
  • socks (I always buy new socks, kids destroy them so quickly and often younger kids take their shoes off at school for nap time or other activities)
  • clothes (Whatever they are needing)

What do you buy your kids for back to school?

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