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When it came to buying valentines goodies for my husband, I was lost! My husband doesn’t really care for chocolate and so after browsing online for a while I decided to order him some beef jerky, I had become a fan of Arrowhead Jerky Works on facebook, so I kept seeing their updates in my news feed, I really wanted to try them and I knew my husband would like beef jerky, so I ordered a few packages for him. The backyard barbecue, burning revenge and tropical teriyaki.

arrowhead jerky Works

He and I both loved them, we ate all three packages in less than 24 hours. They were so good, you could completely tell it was fresh and they had so much flavor. I think burning revenge was probably our favorite, it didn’t just have a few chili pepper flakes, the whole piece was spicy and full of flavor. I would definitely recommend Arrowhead Jerky Works it’s great for a gift or every day snacking.

  • 100% California Beef
  • Made from Solid Strips of Steak
  • No Preservatives
  • From sustainably raised beef
  • Handcrafted in a USDA inspected facility in Southern California
  • No nitrates, no MSG, no preservatives of any type!
  • Keep extra bags on hand in case of emergency!


Arrowhead Jerky Works is a local company that specializes in one thing: Premium Gourmet Jerky! Our jerky is manufactured in a USDA facility right here in Southern California from sustainably farmed California beef! Made from solid strips of steak in small batches, our jerky is packaged fresh and moist (unlike the ‘big’ guys) and available in four distinctive flavors:

  • Original (great beef taste with a hint of black pepper)
  • Backyard Barbecue (like an amazing steak cooked over mesquite)
  • Tropical Teriyaki (citrus and spice infused deliciousness!)
  • Burning Revenge (Hot, but with loads of flavor!)

★ Low in Calories!

★ Good Source of Protein

★ Lower in Sodium

★ More Flavorful!

★ Free Flosser in each bag!

★ No added Preservatives!

★ Low in Carbohydrates!

★ Local Lake Arrowhead Company

★ A Shelf Stable Food

★ Keep Some on Hand just in Case!

★ CA Beef, USDA Inspected Facility

★ A Great Gift Idea!

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