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I know I am behind on the things I wanted to post during December, I will eventually get everything posted!

For Christmas this year we decided to make some of our gifts, handmade gifts seem to always be more appreciated maybe because it’s more thoughtful and who doesn’t love a gift made by a child, right?

For my Mother-In- Law and our neighbors my son and I decided to make birdseed ornaments this year, they’re nature lovers so this seemed like the perfect gift and it was, they loved them!

So here’s how we made them.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 cups of birdseed (Will make about 9 ornaments)
  • 3 small packets of Knox gelatin
  • Ribbon or twine to hang the ornaments, no bright colors
  • a few different cookie cutters
  • 3/4 cups hot water
  • Skewers or something to make a hole in your ornaments
  • non stick spray

how to make Birdseed Ornaments

First put wax paper on a cookie sheet, lay out all of your cookie cutters and spray with non-stick spray. Then mix your gelatin with water and let sit until it cools a little.

birdseed ornaments DIY

Once gelatin and water is cool mix with birdseed until all bird seed is covered and sticks together, spray mixing utensil and fingers with the non-stick spray before mixing.

birdseed ornaments handmade

Then firmly press your seeds into the cookie cutters.

birdseed ornaments recipes

And use something to poke holes into your ornaments, not too close to the edge or they will break, let sit for an hour or two to dry, flip them over for another hour or two and let the other side dry, then softly press if it is mush at all let sit and dry longer if it’s hard then it’s done.

make gift birdseed ornaments

Now pull out your skewer or what ever you used to make a hole and insert your ribbon of twine and tie ends into a bow and you’re done!

Not the best picture, but isn’t this cute?

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