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Have you every made your own fabric flowers?

They’re easy to make and there are many different kinds to make.

Here is a simple and very pretty satin flower tutorial:


1) First you need circles 3-6 of them all slightly different in size you can use the bottoms of cups, or whatever you have that will make circles.


2) Using scissors, cut out all of your circles, here I was making three separate flowers.


3) Next take all of your layers and one at a time run the edge of your flower along a flame, so it will seal the edges of your petal and begin to curl the edge.

This step is very dangerous and not for kids, some fabric will curl more than others, keep a close eye on this, this step will probably take a few tries to get it right without burning your fabric.


4) Glue your layers together using hot glue.


5) Now decorate!


And you are done! Now attach to a clip, headband or whatever you choose.

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