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Christmas is almost here – Handmade Christmas Gifts

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It seems this year Christmas is coming too fast! I can’t believe it will be here in 15 days. I have so much to do and so much I want to do and so little time to do it. Around here Christmas is a big deal for me, I always go all out for Christmas. I have bins and bins of Christmas stuff, it usually takes me a good week to fully decorate. I always spend too much on gifts and go completely overboard, but I enjoy it. I love everything about Christmas but this year I’ve decided to make many of our Christmas gifts.

Over the next week we’ll be making lots of Christmas gifts for family and friends. Anything made by hand is much more appreciated than a store bought gift. (Yes I did buy store bought gifts too) Handmade gifts are much more meaningful and the kids will have so much fun making them!

Here is our list so far:

Bird Seed Ornaments – The grandparents are going to love these!

seed ornament 1

Original post found here: saltwater-kids

Candy-Cane Sugar Scrub – How good does this sound? Perfect for all of the Aunts!


Original post found here: naturalbeautyworkshop

Gingerbread Playdough – Cute gift for cousins!


Original post found here: sweetsugarbelle

Cowgirl Cookies – These would be great for the neighbors, maybe I’ll use red and green m&m’s and change the name to make it more for Christmas.


Original post found here: bakerella

Click here to find out more!Gingerbread Caramels – These sound yummy! Maybe for my husbands co-workers.


Original post found here: marthastewart

DIY Scarf – My sister and sister-in-law will love these.


Original post found here: tidymom

DIY Glitter Starbucks Cup – Awesome! Great for my sons teacher, I’ll also include a Starbucks gift-card.


I couldn’t find the original post but here are the directions:

DIY glitter Starbucks cup,  sprayed the inside of the outer cup with adhesive spray, poured in glitter, cover, and shake!

Grinch Pills – How cute! Perfect for any grumpy family members. DSCN1270

Original post and template found here: scrapcationgetaway

I’m going to look for a few more but these are the ones I’ve found so far.

Do you make any of your Christmas gifts, if so what are your favorites so far?

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