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The 1st day of school will be here soon!

At the end of ever summer comes the back to school shopping, before school starts and every year I love taking my son shopping, I love watching him pick out the items he wants, watching how much his taste has changed. Yes, I do let him pick out everything himself. So here is some of the stuff he got, we will do a little more shopping next week to make sure he has everything.

Here is our back to school shopping list:

*Lunch Box – I pack my sons lunch to make sure I know what he’s eating everyday.
*Socks – He got black socks this time, white socks look gross after awhile.
*Shoes – he got two new pairs of shoes.
*Shorts – he got a few pairs of shorts, I’ll have to get a few more pairs before school starts, I was having trouble finding his size.
*Shirts – At my sons school the kids wear uniform shirts so I still have to buy him a few new school shirts.

He still has some school shirts from last year that he’ll use again this year and he has lots of shorts in his dresser that we bought this spring, so he wont be getting a whole lot of clothes and the weather doesn’t change here until late October or early November so we’ll buy warmer clothes then.

What are your back to school must haves?

back to school shopping list

Every year I usually buy all of the school supplies – crayons, pencils, note pads, erasers, glue, etc… and every year his teachers provide these and then I end up with a ton of extra, so this year I’ll wait until back to school night and ask his teacher for a list of what he needs or what she might need for her class.

3rd grade will be quite an adventure, I am so sad that he’s growing up so fast, at the same time I love watching him become his own person!

I came across this site that has some fun ideas for marking the first day of school.


For those of you who pack lunches for your kids, here are a few sites with great ideas for lunch:


great ideas for lunch

Adorable photo ideas for back to school.

photo ideas for preschool kid

This one did not have a link

uniform ideas for preschool kid


Have you done your childrens back to school shopping yet? Has their style changed since last year?

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